All About Leather  - Rapid City  - Manitoba

The tanner and leather manufacturing history in the Netherlands.

The Schueler family has always been tanners and harness makers as well as saddle makers. In early days it was common to make your own leather and then work that to the end product.

The specialism took place in 1871, with the official start of the tannery in Barneveld. This was 4 generations before Peter Schueler.

The leather manufacturing part was started by Peter’s mother in 1963.

In 2007, Peter and Rina Schueler moved to Canada with a part of the business in their containers.

The tannery part was left behind, machines where sold and a selection of the leather manufacturing part was made.

The new business is ALL ABOUT LEATHER in Rapid City Manitoba.

If you browse through this website you will see the products that where made in Holland, as well as the possibilities now in Canada.

As most our products are sold before we make them, we have a huge collection of pictures to work with.

Peter is the owner of the tanning recipes invented in his time in the tannery, as well as his family recipes for the tanning of the hides as was done by 4 generations before him.

So there is no end to the superb quality of the leather we have.

Peter had his tanners education in Germany, on the official International school in Reutlingen, where he got in close contact with tanners around the world, so the possibilities to have access to the specific needs of some of our customers are endless.

Needless to say that leather is also our hobby.

This is reflected in the art-selection on this website.